EP24 Mindset Monday – Work Harder on YOU than Anything Else

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Welcome to the very first episode of Mindset Monday. Super excited to be bringing this to you! ¬†Every Monday morning we’re going to be talking about the different mindset techniques or the different mindsets that I’ve cultivated and created and the fundamentals that I’ve really based my life off of through all the different mentors, guides, and teachers that I’ve had the luxury and the privilege to have in my life.

Today I want to talk about working harder on you than you do on your job, than you do as a parent, than you do as a husband, as a wife, as a business owner, as a leader, whatever it may be. And what do we mean by this? So many times we get caught up in what we need to do. Like, the laundry needs to be folded, the kids need to be brought here, this needs to be done, the phone calls have to be returned, the emails have to be returned, the deadlines have to be hit.

And we get in this repetitious zone, this repetitious way of life and we’re just constantly putting out these fires. And when we do this, our own personal care, and our own personal development gets put on the side.

This philosophy of life, working harder on yourself than you do on everything else, what does that mean?

That means working hard with your fitness, working hard with clearing out any emotional things that need to be healed, working hard with a therapist, working hard with a mentor, working hard with a guide, sitting down having conversations with those people that you need to have conversations with, and growing as a person. Working harder on yourself, you as a person, that internal work to become the person that you need to become to do the things that you wanna do in life.

If we want something to change, if we want to do more, be more, get more, receive more of all the beauty that life has to offer, we have to become more. In order to become more, we have to work harder on ourselves than we do on everything else.

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