EPEP 53 Mindset Monday – You beat out 500 Million Already!

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When you were conceived you beat out 200-500 Million other Sperm.. And we go about our days acting like we’re not the chosen ones…   Start acting like it!!

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[00:00:13] KC: Welcome to today’s episode of Mindset Monday. Keith here and jacked up, excited for another amazing week and here to get you jacked up and excited for another amazing, amazing week ahead. Listen, I wanna share this little mindset piece to really help you understand who you are, understand your individuality, understand the power that you are brought into this world with. And listen, when you came into this world, you – you beat out between 200 and 500 million other sperm. Think about that.


It’s a crazy thing to talk about, right? But that’s you. One in 200 to 500 million and somehow we come into this world and we think, and we get these concepts that we are not the chosen ones, that we’re not the ones that are on this earth to do these big, beautiful, bold things with our life. Well you my friend are here to live a big, beautiful, bold life, now start acting like it. Start acting like you’re one in 500 million, because you are. That’s the divinity, that’s the gift that’s been placed into you, into your life. Nurture it that way, treat it that way, and live that big, beautiful, bold dream that’s yours to live out.


Have an amazing, amazing week this week. Can’t wait to connect with you on the next couple episodes this week. Peace!


[00:01:50] ANNOUNCER: Thank you for listening to the Business of Life Podcast. Apply what you learn today and you’ll be one step closer to creating the life you love to live.



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