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Based off a 75 year running study conducted by Harvard, today we’re talking about their finding on what leads to a happy life.

Based off a 75 year running study conducted by Harvard, today we’re talking about their finding on what leads to a happy life.

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[00:00:13.2] KC: Welcome to the Business of Life Podcast. My name is Keith Callahan, your host and today we’re talking about the Secret to Happiness. But before we get in there, a lot of people have been messaging me and they said they love hearing about what’s going on with our family and all the stuff that’s going on and it kind of feels weird.

It feels weird talking about that type of stuff. I always like to use my own personal experience as an example but it’s always usually like the things we’ve overcome and stuff like that but yeah, we’re in a really good space in our house right now. We just had our 4th daughter, Adeline, and she’s two months old now so that’s going well.

Actually today, my son Wyatt and I were sitting up on our — we have a third floor in our house and it has a guest room and the other side is an office where I am recording this podcast right now. So we’re up there and watching, we’re having a bunch of site work done on the house. So really having the entire whole backyard dug up and we’re having it all dug up.

There’s just a bunch of fill in the back and the backyard just hadn’t been taken care of that well for years. So we’re having all types of clean up done and then we’re fencing it in and grassing it all and doing a mulch area for the place and stuff but yeah, it feels really fun and it was fun spending time with him and it’s crazy with a two year old boy how fascinated they are with machinery and trucks.

It’s interesting, I also watched myself with that because I do so much work at the computer and also alone. I really enjoyed sitting there. Him and I literary sat there for like three hours watching a little mini excavator put sand into the back of the dump truck for three hours and we’re both totally fascinated with it.

So that’s a little bit about what’s going on with us. Also had both Adie and Wyatt had the flu so just recently got over that and no fun with the little two month old going through the flu. It’s kind of a little bit of a scary time but it’s all good, she is on the mend and moving forward. So let’s

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dive in, let’s talk about today’s topic, The Secret to Happiness. Really, I’m basing this off of a documentary or a TED Talk that I just watched. Harvard Business School, I don’t know who it is, but somebody at Harvard has done a multigenerational study. It’s been going on for 75 years now.

And when I say multigenerational, it’s been generations of leadership. Generations of Harvard professors who have led this study and the study has followed a cast of like — I think it was like 3,000 people for the last 75 years. Some of them has passed away, some of them are still living, some of them have literary developed schizophrenia and other things like that, some of them have gone onto have wildly success lives. Some of them ended up happy, some of them not so happy.

And the pool that they pulled from for this study, it was a group of highly educated sort of elite males that they pulled from and then they also went to the worst parts of Boston and pulled from those areas as well. So really like two totally different ends of the spectrum. They have been astonished that your position in life, your lot in life that you’re born into had absolutely no correlation whatsoever to the amount of happiness.

And sometimes, we look at other people. We can look at people with the nicer clothes, the nicer cars, the nicer house, the nicer neighborhood and sometimes there is a ping of envy right? I really want you to hear that one more time that none of that had any correlation whatsoever to the level of happiness that people are enjoying. As a matter of fact, there were two pieces that were identified as these are the most important things that determine happiness as we grow older in age.

The first thing is the relationships that you have with other human beings. It didn’t really matter where it came from, it was through community, through church, with your spouse, with your children, with your neighbors, with your friends but it was really the people that were living the longest that were having the most happiness, that were feeling the most satisfaction, that were feeling the most content in their lives, there was a direct correlation to the relationships.

All of the people had healthy, happy, vibrant relationships with others. They were involved with human connection. So as human beings, we have this need, this longing for connection and its

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counter intuitive, right? Like a lot of times, we think we can do things on our own and sometimes especially in today’s society with all the social media and you go out to a restaurant and you go out to a coffee shop, you go to Panera, you go to Starbucks, you go to any of the coffee shops, any of the restaurants, not really a fine dining but any other type of restaurant or public establishment and you’ll see everybody looking at their smart phones.

I remember one time I was in Starbucks and there’s probably 20 people in there and there was not a single person that wasn’t looking at their phone except for the people working. So yeah, just really taking a look at that in human communication, human interaction not through social media. That is not human communication. That is not human interaction. It’s a watered down version of it. And not saying that that stuff is bad, it’s great but from a happiness standpoint being able to touch, feel, be in the presence of other human beings is what has led to long lasting happiness.

The second piece to that and I’ve already started eluding to this, the second piece to the study that they found that led to the most happiness was the depth of relationships. Real simple, the depth of relationships and that was broken down into basically, do you know that somebody has your back? It didn’t matter, like you could have a spouse and you could fight with the spouse and bicker with the spouse.

It didn’t matter, the level of arguing or did you always get along and stuff like that, that wasn’t it. It was do you have people in your life that you trust, that support, that have your back, that you know are always going to be there for you? So the friendships, the relationships and then the depth of those relationships and there was no correlation to the number of relationships. It was really that you have those relationships and you have that sense of community. You have that sense of belonging, you have that sense of really that you’re not alone.

So I wanted to share that today. It’s going to be a little bit of a shorter episode today but I really wanted to share that because I think that what better of a thing to study and what better of a thing to strive for than happiness, right? It was really laid out very simple. So I’m bringing this up, sort of peeking your interest with it. What I would recommend is checking out, you can just Google “Harvard Happiness Study”. You can also Google “Harvard happiness TED Talk”. That’s what I actually watched this on, it was a TED Talk.

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And there’s another documentary that I saw. Let me just look this up, I believe the name of it is Happy. I haven’t watched this for a year or so but it was awesome. Yeah, it’s called Happy. Oh maybe it’s not. It might be The Happy Movie. Yeah, the website, just go with “Happy”. Just Google “Happy” and it’s going to come up. Sorry for all that little going back and forth but yeah I love this.

I love that documentary and really just laid things out and there’s so much study on anxiety and depression and why all these negative things happen. Really, there’s been very few studies on what leads to happiness and it’s important. It’s important to focus on where you want to go not on what you want to avoid.

So check those two things out. Check that TED Talk out, check that documentary out. I hope you are having an amazing week. I hope you have a smile on your face and much love. See you on the next episode.


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