The goal on our team is to get you to break even, cover the cost of your coach business fees as well as the cost of your monthly Shakeology order within the first month of becoming a Beachbody coach. And we are pretty darn successful with helping people to do that! But it is up to you to follow the plan and do the work. Some people sign up as a coach with the best intentions in mind, but never do anything. Other people come right out of the gates from day one. They sign up as a coach, follow the trainings, put in the time and effort, and begin earning money right away.

When you sign up as a coach, it is important to understand that Beachbody is not just a job, you are now a business owner. You now have the ability and resources to grow your own business, and you are building something that pays you overtime. We begin with a very simple plan. Focus on finding three people within your first month, and repeat this each month that follows. If you sign up just three people, you are going to make between $100 and $200 your first month! This will cover the expense of your products. For this effort, you will also be automatically enrolled in Success Club.

With Success Club, Beachbody will provide you free Shakeology customersthat you earn 25% commission on during the following months. So as long as you continue to sign up just three people per month, that is your business. This is how you start to earn passive income.

Passive income allows you to continue to receive commission from customers you have signed up previously. Let’s say you signed up three people who purchased Shakeology during your first month, each month thereafter you will earn ongoing commission from those same three people for as long as they remain a Shakeology customer of yours. In addition, Beachbody will hand you free customers through Success Club while you continue to collect commissions for work you have already done. This is how it works!

This business is not like a job where you have a salary or you punch the clock and receive an hourly rate. You get paid once for each sale, and as you keep acquiring new customers, you also collect passive income. Once you get to the point where you have mastered three new people per month, your check will keep growing from $200, $300, $400, even $500 per week! Then you have the opportunity to transition into the second phase of this business, helping other people become coaches. There are some Beachbody coaches that earn over a million dollars per year, –¬†this is the activity that these coaches focus on. These coaches sign up coaches who then bring in other coaches and train them on how to become coaches. How much money you make and how soon you make is up to you!

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