One concern I sometimes hear is, “I don’t want to harass family and friends, can’t I just create a website?” The most important thing to understand is that Beachbody is a relational marketing business. That is, people are going to purchase a product or sign up as a coach underneath you,only if they trust you and like you!This is crucial to understand because there are hundreds of thousands of other Beachbody coaches competing against you, and Beachbody invests over $100,000,000 in their marketing. If you intend to hide solely behind your website, you are never going to build the trust and personal credibility you need to be successful.

Do you care about your family, friends and loved ones? If your answer is yes, get out of your own way and stop worrying about feeling uncomfortable or hurting someone’s feelings. We are all about sharing and helping people, especially those we love. We provide products that transform people’s lives. Shakeology is the number one nutritional product available, we have the most effective home fitness programs in the world, and we have a world class support system to ensure people actually succeed when they purchase our products. We provide the total solution!

When I first started with Beachbody, I started as a customer. I began with P90X, followed the entire program and achieved phenomenal results! I experienced a true physical transformation in only 90 days. But even deeper than that, I felt truly happy for the first time in a long time. I felt confident, I felt self-esteem and more than anything, I was excited to tell everyone I knew about these programs! I told my father, mother, sister, my cousins, even my aunts and uncles! But most importantly, I was explaining how Shakeology really works and is available for everyone! I wanted everyone to feel as great as I did! Nothing feels better than health and fitness.

If you are not comfortable sharing Beachbody products with the people you love and care about in a non-invasive way, then I am here to train you! This is a critical piece to understand in this business. Nothing should stand in the way of helping people who are truly a part of your life. My parents drink Shakeology daily, so do my aunts and uncles. My brother, who was the biggest skeptic, finally after four years purchased a program from us. My cousin has lost over 100 pounds. Many of my friends and family are extremely successful with this business now. If you care about your friends and family, you have the obligation to share this with them!

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