keith-journey-shakeologyAmy: “I’m not juicing anymore, we’re going to start drinking Shakeology. It takes 30 seconds to make (not 30 minutes) and I don’t care that it’s a powder.”As a husband of a new mother I said  

I’d been doing P90X (a workout from the parent company Beachbody) and was somewhat familiar with Shakeology. I was IN LOVE with P90X, but in all honesty I thought Shakeology was an overpriced protein shake. I actually went as far as going to Whole Foods with the Shakeology ingredient list just to prove to myself how overpriced it was. I quickly learned that $700 (no joke) is what I was going to have to spend to get what was in that bag of Shakeology. Wow, this isn’t just a protein shake it’s chock full of 70 different super foods!

The skeptic was sold!

We started drinking Shakeology every day and still do today. Here is my honest take on Shakeology: I think that if you can get the 70 different ingredients that are in Shakeology in their natural, raw state, it is by far better. But who can do that? For us, packing all of that into a simple powder form that we can mix up in 30 seconds is perfect. We’re busy parents of three kids running our own business, and it is just so practical and so easy!

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reach out to us and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals whatever they may be.


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