When I first started out as a Beachbody Coach, I had this rock on my desk. It looked like a little mountain, about the size of a fist. It was flat on one side and rugged on the other, and I just always thought it looked like a mountain. I have always done a lot of visualization and so when I first started Beachbody, I would visual myself on this mountain (rock) trying to push this huge boulder up to the top. It was my own way of visualizing where I felt I was with my business and the boulder represented my Beachbody business. In the beginning, I felt stuck at the bottom of that mountain, struggling to move the boulder.

Moving your Boulder for Beachbody Business Growth

Moving your Boulder for Beachbody Business Growth

There is a misconception that you can build a Beachbody business by just doing a little bit here and there, and that by doing so, your business will grow, and you’ll reach a high level of success. That’s simply not true, especially in the first year of working with Beachbody.

If you want success at the highest levels of Beachbody Coaching, you must get into a massive imbalance in your life for a short period of time. Yes, you heard that right. In the beginning you must have an imbalance in your life to get your momentum up and get your business running. I know this company is all about having balance and healthy lifestyles and what not, but to get to that level of success, you must put in a lot of hard work up front.

When you sign-up with Beachbody, first you start recruiting customers. Then you start recruiting others onto your team. Then those people start recruiting people onto their team and then THEIR people start recruiting people. Four levels deep. That’s what it takes to get the boulder off the ground and start moving it up the mountain.

If you want to have a high level of success, you HAVE to have this massive imbalance in the beginning stages of building your business. You MUST put yourself all-in to get your business off the ground and to get to that Level 4 Deep place. Get the rock over the hill and then you can take a breath.

You can’t STOP, but you CAN take a breather.

If you’re looking for a business that gives you the freedom of time to do what you want with who you want for the rest of your life, you are in the right business. But if you haven’t gotten your business off the ground, you’re not ready for that freedom.

Are you Ready to Become a Beachbody Coach?

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