I have a great month-long challenge for you, and I encourage you to share it with your entire team. I call it the 200-1-1 challenge and every time I work with someone who seems a little stuck, I bust this out and challenge them to do these 3 simple things for 1 month.

1-Month Fast Start Challenge for Beachbody Coaches

1-Month Fast Start Challenge for Beachbody Coaches

Give 200 invitations

During the course of 1 month, I want you to personally invite 200 people to either try a Beachbody product, or even better, to join the business. Two hundred invitations in 1 month breaks down to 10 people a day. We all get caught up in busy work and daily tasks that we stop inviting. But inviting is what this business is all about!

Whatever your tool is for reaching out and inviting people is, use it and reach out to 200 people. Whether they are people you’ve reached out to before, people who are new, people you haven’t talked to in a while – whoever! Make sure you track your 200. Track who you reached out to, on what day, using what tool and what the specific invitation was for.

1 Post to Social Media Account Each Day

I don’t mean pictures of your dog. Post something of value. No more pictures of you and your shake or of you working out! Those have no value. 

Maybe you put up a picture with your son or daughter and talk about the dream this business holds for your life. Maybe you post a quick tip on developing core strength, an inspirational quote and image OR something that isn’t even Beachbody related. Several years ago, I remember Chalene Johnson posting about this certain brand of hangers that she really loved.  Had nothing to do with Beachbody but guess what? It got a TON of engagement!  

Add Value to a Group Page 1x A Day

Whether you are a part of a team or you run a team, I want you to get in the habit of being a leader of energy. Post things that will inspire and motivate others on your team and begin taking ownership of the energy you bring to the table. Even if you don’t have a team, this is going to put you in your own positive mindset and you’ll be making an impact on yourself and others.

That’s it guys. Three simple steps, 200-1-1 for an ENTIRE month. Why for a month? Well to start, when you send out an invitation you don’t expect an RSVP right away. But most importantly, they say it takes 3 weeks to start or stop a habit. I’m challenging you to 1-month and I believe that by the end of it you will have 3 new steps that come naturally to your daily routines.

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