I cannot tell you how many people sign-up as Beachcody Coaches who do not realize that this business is really a leadership business! People think they just need to sell Shakeology and fitness programs and they’ll have success. But that is truly only about 10% of what will create success for you as a Coach. If you aren’t working on your leadership skills and developing other leaders, you are never going to see high levels of success in this business.

You must build a team of true leaders; that should be your goal. I believe that happens with 3 essential steps. There is a lot of content included in these 3 steps, so I am going to break each step down into 3 separate posts. Starting with the first step: Lead yourself.

Building a Network Marketing Team of Leaders Step 1

Building a Network Marketing Team of Leaders Step 1

Step 1: Lead Yourself

If you are going to build a team of leaders, you must be a leader yourself. You may have natural leadership skills or maybe not, but EVERYONE has room for improvement when it comes to personal growth. There are 4 main things I want you to focus on when you think about how you need to lead yourself.

  1. Start leading yourself by doing the basic stuff. Make sure you are drinking your Shakeology, getting your exercise, and sharing the opportunity with others; all that stuff builds the foundation of how you are going to lead.
  2. After you’ve got the basics down, you need to learn how to manage your personal energy. If you have negativity, self-doubt or insecurities dominating your energy, you won’t be able to communicate to others in a powerful way. Be mindful of the attitude that you are bringing into your business every day.
  3. If there are specific things you need to work on to improve your energy, find tools like books or podcasts that will help refocus your mind towards a more positive energy. There is this principle that John Maxwell speaks of called, “The Law of The Lid”. Essentially the Law of The Lid teaches that you are personally going to put a cap on the success of your business by putting a lid on your own growth. In other words, if you don’t have a personal improvement plan, you really don’t have a business improvement plan.
  4. The final step of leading yourself is setting a goal. My goal when I was starting out was first to become a 5-Star Diamond Coach and then develop 5 more 5-Star Diamond Coaches in my downline. Notice, I didn’t say sign-up 5 Coaches; I said develop 5 Coaches into 5-Star Diamond Coaches. We will talk more about that in the following 2 posts.

Leadership is the key component to creating the success you are searching for. If you can’t lead yourself well, how do you expect to lead others well?

Stay tuned for steps 2 and 3….

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