You’ve all probably heard the quote, “Without a vision, the people will perish”. If you listen to any leadership podcast, or read leadership blogs or books, you know that having a vision for your business is a must. Well yesterday, I got slapped in this face with the fact that I haven’t been conveying a clear vision to my team or even into my business.

Cast a Vision for your Network Marketing Team

Cast a Vision for your Network Marketing Team

We have this group on Facebook called the Round Table for the 5-Star Diamond Coaches and above. I usually never jump on to the Page when someone goes live spontaneously because I get distracted and side-tracked. But yesterday, I saw someone I really respect and honor pop-up live, so I decided to click over. She was talking openly about how she was having a little bit of struggle with her business lately and how she ultimately realized that it was because she hadn’t clearly conveyed her vision to her team.

It hit me hard because I realized I had lost sight of a true vision myself, and that I needed to cast this vision for my team so they know where we are headed and what the goals are. This idea of having a vision is so important because without a vision, it’s hard to stay motivated and stay on track as a team or as an individual when hurdles or hardships show up.

The speaker talked about this document that walks you through how to create a vision; if you go to you can download it now for free. I went through this almost immediately after the call and it was so eye-opening. I realized that my own personal lack of clarity with my vision was impacting my team. As I went through the document, I was able to re-imagine my vision for this business. My vision is simply this: With this business we have the opportunity to heal ourselves on the deepest level. We get to do that for ourselves and simultaneously give that gift to others as Beachbody Coaches. That is the goal of this business for me.

So why should you do this?

  • It will remind you what is important to you about this business.
  • The process will give you unlimited content by differentiating your message from other Coaches who default to posting only about Beachbody things. With a clear vision, people will really understand what you are talking about and where you are heading.

What are your next steps

  • Download the document at
  • Schedule time to go through the document when there will be no distractions.
  • Start weaving your vision into everything you do. Weave your vision into your prayers, your posts, morning routines, how you are talking to people, and every other fiber of your being.

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