Using Facebook and Instagram is like learning to use a calculator. To use the calculator, you first need to have some understanding of how math works. If you don’t understand some of the basics of Facebook and Instagram, you won’t really be able to benefit from using it. There are almost unlimited resources for you to learn and expand your knowledge of how you should be using social media as part of your business strategy. If you haven’t already, please go on YouTube or wherever, and watch some tutorials to really understand how to use Facebook and Instagram in the best possible way.

Today however, I want to talk about some of the incredible mistakes I see people make when trying to recruit on social media. These are 4 simple things that I want you to stop doing immediately!

Common Mistakes when Recruiting on Facebook

4 Common Mistakes when Recruiting on Facebook

  1. Not having a call-to-action. So many of you are posting great content but are not directing people towards their next step! If they like your posts and are interested in learning more about you or your business, they need to know where to go next! Tell them where your website link is, where your Facebook Page is or whatever it is that you want them to do based on that post.
  2. Thinking that people will reach out to you if you are posting. No! You still have to follow-up with people and reach out to them if you are expecting results. Stop posting on Facebook about your product with just the link. I promise you that no one is going to click on that link and buy the product just because of that post. In fact, they’ll probably just block you. Conversions are not magical; they take work and intention.
  3. Stop spending too much time on 1 prospect. Something that stuck with me from my mentor is this quote, “You can give the best presentation to the wrong person and they will never buy. Or, you can give the worst presentation to the right person and they’ll sign-up no matter what. But neither will happen if you aren’t out there presenting to everyone.” I think of that quote all the time when I talk to Coaches who tell me about how they’ve got this person who is going to sign-up and they’re sending them all this stuff and talking to them, and they just know they are going to sign-up and guess what happens? They NEVER sign-up! And 3 weeks later that Coach has no new prospects, 0 in the works and NO new recruits! Stop putting all your time and energy in to 1 person; diversify your investments!
  4. Wasting time building rapport. Some of you may be scared by this one but I really believe in it. Everyone thinks before they share a business opportunity that they must have some sort of relationship. Here’s the thing, if this person has been seeing your social media posts about your business, they know what you are up to! They probably even feel annoyed that you are being so insincere about how you are approaching them. I’m in this to share a business that I believe is a life changing opportunity. Why would I hesitate to share that with anyone if I really believed in it?

The best way to build rapport in this business is by being direct. The first time you reach out, you don’t need to say more than: “I’ve got this amazing business opportunity I think you’d enjoy and be great at, take a look and let me know what you think.”

Stop wasting time and get to the point!

If you are currently using or making any of these 4 mistakes, I beg you to stop! Tell people what you want them to do next with a call-to-action, take initiative on reaching out to EVERY person who engages with your content and BE DIRECT.

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