Sometimes the hardest part of social media, especially the challenge of using Facebook Live, is answering the question: What am I going to talk about? Creating a Facebook Live content strategy and planning your content in advance is crucial when it comes to being consistent with live video. If you don’t have your video topics mapped out in advance, I promise you there will come a day when you just don’t feel inspired, can’t think of anything meaningful to say, and decide not to go live that day. And often that is the first step in quitting live video altogether.

Don’t take that step! Have a plan and stay consistent.

If you are stuck in a rut or just starting out, I want you to use these topic ideas to brainstorm new ways to talk about you and your network marketing business on Facebook Live.

Facebook Live Topic Ideas for Any Niche

10 Facebook Live Topic Ideas for ANY Niche

Hacks: You’ve had to have heard of life hacks by now. Think of smart shortcuts or innovations you’ve used in your business. I’ve seen people posts hacks on keeping their gym bags smelling fresh by throwing a dryer sheet in the bottom of their bag; maybe you have hacks like this in your routine. If you don’t, do a google search and talk about some of the favorite hacks you found!

Shortcuts: Everybody takes shortcuts around something. Maybe instead of buying fresh berries for your shakes, you buy frozen because buying in bulk makes your life easier!

Tips: People love tips! If you had to give people on your team or your audience one tip about your network marketing business or products, what would it be? Why?

Tricks: What tricks do you have up your sleeve that have helped you on your journey? Things like laying out your workout clothes before going to bed or meal prep on Sundays are just 2 examples. 

Top 5 and Top 10: People love lists! They just do. And the beauty of this is that you can list ANYTHING. Doesn’t even hurt if you stray from the focus of your business to tell people the top 5 inspirational books you’ve read or your top 10 favorite skincare products.

How Tos: This topic has so much potential. You can do a Facebook Live video tutorial showing people “how to” do anything. How to make a smoothie, how to create a webpage or even how to use FACEBOOK LIVE!

Live demo: Demo the correct way to do a push-up or even the best way to take a selfie!

Interviews: Get team members, customers and other industry experts to join you for a live video. Let them offer their expertise and perspectives. You might just gain access to a brand new audience!

FAQs: Any business professional can list right off the top of their head’s the top 5 questions they are asked repeatedly. Jot them down and answer them live on Facebook. If you have enough to say, you can break the FAQs into individual videos and create a series of FAQ videos.

Testimonials: Testimonials are probably the best tool we have when it comes to making prospects, customers. If you can get someone to give their testimony to your product or business on Facebook Live in a real and authentic way, I guarantee it will spark some interest in what you’re doing.

Once you’ve created your content plan using these brainstorming topics, practice. You don’t need to have anything memorized or perfected, in fact you shouldn’t, or you may come across as inauthentic. But if you give yourself even just a one-time run through, it will take away some of that nervousness when the “live” notification comes on your screen.

Facebook Live Bonus Tips!

Optimal length of a Facebook Live video: 15-20 minutes
Optimal timing: Evenings are best but choose a time that you are more likely to stick to.
Optimal platform for organic reach: Go live on your personal profile and NOT your like page.

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