It’s easy to jump from idea to idea when you’re trying out something new. Especially when it’s something you’re excited about like going live on Facebook. While you may be excited to try out all the different ideas you have for Facebook Live, I recommend following one course until it is successful. Honing in on a single process and making small tweaks as you go is the best way to find out what is working and the absolute best way to find success. Effective marketing using Facebook Live means following through for the long term.

Marketing using Facebook Live Follow Through for the Long Term

Marketing using Facebook Live: Follow Through for the Long Term

I have a great personal example of following through for the long-term. I have two podcasts, The Business of Life and All About Beachbody Coaching. The Business of Life was a successful podcast with 2-3 thousand downloads for each episode. However, I was never able to find a way to capitalize on it. I loved doing it and sharing my story, but financially it never panned out. Regardless, I followed through with it for over a year before I pulled the plug.

Was it a money-maker? No. But did it teach me a lot about what works and doesn’t work? It sure did.

And at the end of the year was I able to say I had really given the podcast everything I had. Focus in on one course until you find the thing that is successful you.

This brings me to my next point: Don’t just try out live video and then abandon it after a week or two. If after two weeks of going live on Facebook, you find yourself bored or frustrated and ready to quit, you probably jumped in without creating a content plan. Don’t give up! Focus on these two questions to reignite that excitement you had when you started:

1. What problem can you solve?

2. What are you an expert in?

I find that a lot of people don’t consider themselves an expert in anything and that simply can’t be true! If you’re with a company that sells skincare products and you’ve personally experienced how it has transformed your skin; consider yourself an expert. We are all experts in something. We are all experts in our own life story! Use that and start creating content that solves problems based on your expertise.

This brings me to my final point: Be you. Don’t try to be me or any other video personality. Be you and be original; don’t try to replicate what anyone else is doing. Share your story! There is nothing more powerful than creating that emotional connection with your audience by being open and honest about who you are and what you’ve struggled through. And while you’re doing it, smile and have fun. Engage with your audience on a personal level by sharing your truth while also having a little fun!

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