We all know that Facebook has an algorithm which is kind of this magical formula that Facebook keeps locked away in a vault. It’s always changing and there are always new things added to the algorithm and things being taken out. We never know what the exact algorithm is, but we do know what is working right now that is increasing engagement on Facebook Pages.

Increase your Likes, Views and Comments on Facebook

3 Ways to Drastically Increase your Likes, Views and Comments on Facebook

Stop Linking

Stop linking out to other websites! That destroys your Reach on Facebook. What I mean by linking is when you see someone post something that includes a link to another site. Facebook doesn’t like that. Facebook likes people to stay on Facebook, not going to another site.

The longer you stay on Facebook, the longer they can advertise to you. So, in terms of the algorithm, linked posts are pushed down into the depths of news feeds and will be less likely to be seen by your followers.

Solution: Add a link in the comments rather than in the post itself.

While we are on the subject linking content, it is important to remind you that YouTube is a direct competitor of Facebook. It should be a no brainer for you to realize you need to stop linking from Facebook to YouTube! Facebook is not going to push that out for you. Instead, take that video, download it and then upload to Facebook so its origin is now native to Facebook. In the comments, you can include info on your YouTube channel.

Copy and Paste

Stop copying and pasting content. Facebook knows when what you are posting is not your original content. If you are sharing it, they will push it out, but if you copy and paste, Facebook is not going to help promote the post.

Solution 1: Share the content and ADD your perspective.

When I share something on my Page, I write something about why I think it’s valuable and why I think my followers would find it valuable. There is no point in sharing something without adding your input.

Solution 2: Create your own content with your perspective.

A second and even better solution would be to create your own content and base it off what you’ve learned from the content you would have shared. Re-create it as your own with your own perspective.

Solution 3: Use emojis.

This one is short and to the point: use emojis. People like them because they are eye-catching and give words personality. I have like 5 emojis that I will use but you can really get creative.

The last thing I want to urge you to do is so simple and obvious that it hurts to type: SMILE. People want to see smiling, happy faces that they feel are welcoming and that they can engage with. If you wrap these algorithm busters up and being to use them, you will start seeing a huge difference in your engagement, I promise!

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