Going Live on Facebook is a necessary part of marketing your business on social media. That’s why I’m loving this series we are in that is dedicated to all the tips and tricks you need to know about going live. So far in the Facebook Live series, we covered all the logistics of going live. We’ve talked about lighting, cameras, backgrounds, and content. You’ve got all the foundational pieces you need to go live, so now it’s time to talk about the goal.

Using Facebook Live for Lead Generation

Using Facebook Live for Lead Generation

The one goal, and whole purpose of any marketing you do, should be to generates leads. Meaning, you want to pique someone’s interest enough for them to take action. When you’re going live and talking about a product or a business opportunity, you want the people watching to do something with the content you’ve provided. Make sure you are sharing your products or business in every single video to pique your viewers’ interest in what you’re doing.

A great way to be mentioning your product or business is through seeding. Seeding is this art of trickling in little snippets of your business opportunity or the product you sell throughout your video. Instead of one big call-to-action, you give them little nudges throughout the video that come together at the end to tell the viewer how they can take action. A great example of this is Hayley Christian in her Instagram Stories. She does an incredible job of seeding and it’s worth checking out her Instagram Stories for some inspiration!

Of course, with any good strategy, comes tools that help you meet your goals. There are several tools that I use to execute my strategy of generating leads via Facebook Live.

Buttons: If you have a business profile, you can add a Call-To Action (CTA) button. The CTA can take them to book and appointment, sign-up for something, download a book, etc.

Linking out to a landing page: You always want a link to your website on your video posts, but you don’t want to put the link in the description of the video. Put it as the first comment and then pin it to the top, so it always appears at the top of the posts’ comments.

ManyChat: I’m all about ManyChat these days as it seems people are starting to use Messenger in place of email. ManyChat will help you manage people who reach out to you via Messenger. You can setup categorized responses to recipients as well as include customized buttons in each message or specific messages.

My final tip for you today on how to generate leads with Facebook Live is a one-word simple, straightforward strategy: Practice.

Practice is probably the easiest and most important part of successfully going live.

Unfortunately, it’s also the one thing no one wants to do!

You can invest in tools and equipment to go live but if you don’t practice, it will all be worth nothing. You can only generate leads if people watch your videos. And if they tune-in to see someone fumbling with their words and their equipment, they are going to lose interest quickly and move on. Through video, you have the opportunity to build viewers confidence in you as an expert in your industry. Don’t mess that up by being unprepared and under-practiced.

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