I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it is that holds Beachbody coaches back in their business. I knew that it was largely due to that natural discomfort so many have with sharing the Beachbody business opportunity and/or the products with people who can benefit from them. Many feel awkward or nervous about approaching people to “sell” them.

What Holds Us Back from Doing the Right Thing

What Holds Us Back from Doing the Right Thing

It all came to me on a drive to Home Depot, which is a good drive from my house. I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts from Tara Brach. She had a guest on this particular podcast. His name was Steve and he told this story that literally moved me to tears and had me rethink completely that uncomfortable feeling.

Steve told this story about his freshman year of high school. He recalled this afternoon, early in the year, the end-of-day bell had just rung and everyone is frantically getting to their lockers and getting their books. He was at his locker, just like everyone else, and happened to look up and see this kid he didn’t recognize fumbling with his locker and books. The kid looked pretty disheveled and dropped a bunch of his things on the floor. Feeling a little bad for this kid, he walked over and picked up a few of the books he had dropped and handed them to him. They made eye contact and he remembers this kid looking at him, almost in tears, as if he couldn’t believe someone would stop to help.

They got to talking and found out they actually had a lot in common and even lived near each other. They quickly became friends and that friendship lasted all throughout high school. They played football together and walked home from school together nearly every day. That disheveled kid, whose name was Bill, wound up being valedictorian and the epitome of popularity. The storyteller recalled the day of graduation when Bill would have to give the valedictorian speech. Bill was sitting directly in front of Steve and was noticeably nervous thinking about his speech. Steve put his hand on his friend’s shoulder and reassured him, saying he was going to do a great job. Bill looked at Steve with that same thankful stare they shared the first day they met.

The time came and Bill got up to give his speech. He began talking about how throughout high school, there are certain people who are so impactful in our lives. He talked about teachers and parents, and how much they invest into kid’s success. He paused and then started talking about our peers and the friendships that we form, and he said, “You’ll never really understand the power that just being there for someone can have”. He tells this story about being new as a freshman. He had transferred from another school because he was being picked on. One day he was clearing all the things out of his locker because he was going to commit suicide that day and he didn’t want his parents to have to clear out his locker. As he fumbled with his books, he recalled this kid walking up to help him. How this kid noticed him and how he treated him changed his life.

As I listened to this story, I literally have tears coming down my cheeks and it hit me that in our business the reason it’s so hard to share the Beachbody business opportunity is that we are worried about rejection and what people are going to say. We’re too worried about ourselves instead of being able to help someone like Bill, who needs it. We need to look at ourselves as the person who is just picking up the book for someone who needs a hand.

While you’re building your own Beachbody business, stop worrying about you and start worrying about being that person who picks up the book and do it with a loving heart. Come from a heart centered place, where you’re trying to love and serve people, and ditch the mindset of just signing someone up.

If you are a video-watcher, check out my Facebook video on this very topic, below!

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