Here we are. Part 3 of how you can build your own Team of Leaders. By now you should have the tools you need to position yourself as a leader and identify other true leaders in your downline or a personal recruit.

As with any leader, myself included, there is always work to be done. It is your job as a leader to not just recognize natural skills in others, but nurture them and hone them. That is what it means to develop other leaders. Let’s look at 4 of my best tips on how you can develop those leaders you’ve identified.

Building a Network Marketing Team of Leaders Step 3

Building a Network Marketing Team of Leaders Step 3

Tip 1: Believe in Them

When someone is just starting out as a Coach, they usually need you as their leader to believe in them before they believe in themselves. That is exactly what my sponsor did for me when I signed up as a Coach. They nurtured my talents and helped me to step into my power. That is what you need to do for your leaders: give them hope and a vision!

Tip 2: Open Doors for Them

No, I am not talking about courtesy! I am talking about giving your leaders opportunities to succeed. Find areas that they can step-up and partner with you where they are sure to have success. By now, you hopefully have an idea of what their strengths and interests are. Use that information to open doors for them so they can step into their own power. For instance, give them certain leadership responsibilities like helping lead calls or speaking live.

Tip 3: Speak Truth

If you are not willing to speak truth to your leaders, you are doing them a disservice. Recently I had a Coach I was working with who was struggling with her business and I’ll be honest, her attitude stunk. We had a series of 3 calls to talk about her business, and by the 3rd call, I was completely dreading getting on the phone with her. I told her as nicely and as genuinely as I could that her energy was really draining me. I told her that until she could come to our calls ready to look for ways to succeed rather than focusing on what wasn’t working, that I couldn’t keep working with her. She was not too thrilled with my feedback. But 3 weeks later, she called me up and thanked me for speaking truth to her and telling her what she needed to hear.

Think about it. If you have a mentor in your life who always blows smoke, are they really helping you grow? No! You would want someone to speak truth to you, so make sure you are doing that for others. Get past worrying about hurting people’s feelings. Step into your power knowing that you are going to be successful with or without that person.

Tip 4: Let’ Em Fly

You’ve stepped into your own power, recognized the potential in another leader and have worked hard to develop their skills. It’s time to let them fly. At a certain point you should have confidence in them to go on and be successful. Don’t micromanage or helicopter parent – they are ready to go at it on their own!

Building up leaders is easily one of my favorite topics. Luckily, it is also 90% of what this business is all about. There are so many great books, podcasts and teachings on being and developing leaders. I highly recommend tapping into those tools so you can begin leading yourself.

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